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Why kill Emos and be Emo?

When you can laugh at them instead!

Emo Lulz
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By: robocoon

Let's face it... We already know Emos are probably the biggest scum on the face of the planet, usually in America, where they are free to thrive. We all don't like their morbid attitudes, their complaining, their music, their lifestyle, you name it, it sucks. It almost makes you wanna kill them, no? WRONG!

Thinking like that makes the haters become Emo themselves, and it only feeds an Emo's attention. Instead of ripping their souls apart, something they really want, why not laugh, have fun, and enjoy the bullshit they do?

This community is purely in work as a Comedy Club, or Cemody Club. All that's done here is post anything comedic involving Emo, hence the name, 'Emo Lulz'. Examples are:
1. Pictures
2. True Stories
3. Rants (Don't just be angry, make the rant funny... Remember this is a Comedy thing, not an Emo Hive.)
4. Skits
5. Video links
6. Emo drama at a website
7. Anything! Be creative!

Yes, there's rules to this community. As each update passes, so should the rules:
1. If the post is insanely large, with pics or whatever, be generous and lj-cut it.
2. If you're excerpting anything, censor all names involved for anonymity.